8 Quick Tips For Getting Your Home Ready To Market

Feb 7,2017 | Selling

In such a seller’s market, it can sometimes slip home owners minds’ to think about how to make their home more appealing to today’s buyer. Most homes in the Guelph area are ending up in bidding wars anyways, right? You would be surprised how much more people are willing to open their pocket books when you do a little bit of work to get your home ready for showings. Here are some easy tips for ways to set your home apart and get people insisting on having it.

1. Improve Your Landscaping

Trim up your gardens, walkways and lawn. In the winter, make sure all your driveways and walkways are shoveled and salted. Any wandering weeds or messy driveways may distract buyers from truly looking at the potential of your yard or the front of your home.

2. Clean the Outside

The curb appeal of your home is very important. You want buyers to have a great impression of your home before they even step inside. They also want to feel confident in how well you have taken care of your home while you’ve been there. Cleaning out your gutters, washing windows and screens can make a big difference. Another handy product to use are home washing systems that attach to your hose and clean off any old dirt and grime on your siding or brick.

3.Make repairs
Remember how we want potential buyers to feel confident in you as a previous owner? Having wiggling door handles or toilets, broken trim or cracked tiles all add up in a buyer’s mind as things to be done once they move in. Having a home that seems turn-key and ready to go will be sure to bump those offers up!

4. Make the Front Door Inviting

First impressions are important. Buyers will spend a minute or two waiting at your front door for their realtor to open a lock box to get entry to your home. You want your front door to make buyers excited to get inside and not starting to look for flaws as soon as they step in.

5. Eliminate Bad Odors

Having a scented candle or a lingering smell of fresh baking for a showing or an open house are great ways to make buyers feel right at home when they walk in. Another thing to remember is that not everyone is a cat or dog lover (crazy, right?!) and they don’t want to smell your dog’s bed or cat’s litter box at any point during their visit.

6. Remove Clutter and Depersonalize
Everyone has clutter, but clutter stops buyers from being able to see the bare bones of your home. When your house is free of clutter and only has the necessary basics or well-staged rooms, it gives buyers great ideas on how they can make your home their own. You also don’t want your personal tastes to clash with someone else’s so take down anything that you think may rub strangers the wrong way. Also, remember not to just shove all your belongings in closets or crawl spaces- buyer’s tend to look into the storage spaces of your home to see where they will have room for all their stuff!

7. Make Every Surface Shine

It goes almost without saying, but a clean home sells better than a dirty one. Make sure you get into all the nooks and crannies of your home to give it a spotless shine and feel. This can sometimes be difficult with pets and hectic schedules so don’t be afraid to hire in some help with clean up- it will more than pay off when the offers come in.

8. Take the Colour Down a Notch

Your kids may love their fluorescent pink bedroom, but buyers who don’t have kids, or have kids with different tastes, may be turned off by the extreme colour choices. You want buyers to spend time in every room imagining what they could do with it, not reaching for their sunglasses. Same goes for your mustard yellow rec room or burnt orange kitchen- keep the colours neutral and complementing.

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