BUYING TIPS: 6 things parents shouldn’t forget when purchasing a home

Jan 31,2019 | Buying

As a new parent I definitely look at homes differently. Things you wouldn’t have considered before become top of mind. Here are a few tips to help navigate buying a home for a family with children.
#1- Bedroom location: Are you comfortable having you kids on a separate floor than the master for extra peace and quiet? Or are you looking for all rooms on the same floor? Bedroom placement can really help with daily life and flow of the home so it is important to consider
#2- Layout: You can always add storage solutions but you can’t (completely) change the layout of the home. Open concept or a line of sight from kitchen to family room is a huge bonus with kids. Inevitably you end up in the kitchen either cleaning up from the last disaster or prepping for the next meal, so if you are able to do that while watch the kids it can really be a life saver.
#3- Play space: Whether it is a backyard green space you can see from indoors, or a indoor space to hold those big bulky toys- having a play space is definitely a nice to have for both children and parents. Lets face it, we all need our OWN spaces in the home.
#4- Hot & Cold Spots: How your home is heated & cooled is important. Wood burning stoves and base board heaters can be hazards for little ones, so it is important to look into heating when purchasing. Also in older homes you want to look at how the home is insulated so you can ensure rooms are not getting too hot or too cold especially for infants.
#5- Proximity to amenities: Distance to amenities and ability to walk places with your children may be on your wish list. Not having to pack up a stroller every time you go to the park can really be an asset. As always with real estate LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION
#6- Safety: This seems like a no brainer but it is important to do your homework on a property you are interested in purchasing. Different areas in cities can be more family oriented than others and you want to know that before you purchase. Traffic around your home is also something to consider- living on a main or busy road may not be ideal for road hockey and games 🙂

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