Whether you’re brand new to home showings or an old pro, it can be easy to forget simple things when getting ready to have people walk through your space. First impressions are always important and with the number of buyers in our current market, you may be in for a large amount of traffic through your home. Here, we have compiled a handy checklist to help make sure you are fully prepared for every home showing.
1. Remove personal items and pictures from main areas (think refrigerator doors, fireplace mantel, etc.)
2. Make sure to do a thorough cleaning of your home. On the day of the showing remember to clear last minute messes like crumbs on the counter from breakfast, toothpaste remnants in the sink and half full garbage cans on display. Focus on cleaning areas that buyers may touch like banisters and door knobs.
3.Make sure your home smells clean. Make sure all pet toys, litter boxes and beds are put away, along with any dirty shoes or gym bags. Avoid strong smelling plug in air fresheners, but focus on fresh, relaxing smells like fresh flowers or brewing coffee.
4. Remove any decorative items that may block important features. Roll up old carpets that detract from nice hardwood floors, take down old shower curtains in small bathrooms etc.

5. Remove any items that impair traffic flow or make spaces seem cramped. Think about items like a coat rack that confines your entry way or tables or shelves that you have to shuffle by.
6. Arrange for animals to be locked away in a cage, separate room, or for them to be out of the house with you for showings.
7. Make sure all personal items and paperwork are filed away and out of buyers reach. Have all prescriptions, medications, credit card statements or other financial info under lock and key.
8. Have all blinds and window coverings open to let in natural light. If you can, leave the home lights on for the buyer’s arrival. This can be especially important if you use energy efficient light bulbs in darker rooms as they take time to achieve full brightness.

9. Make sure all beds are made and there are fresh towels in the bathrooms.
10. Have all kids toys in the home and the yard put away neatly.
11. Make sure all lawn or snow maintenance is done prior to arrival (i.e. grass cut, hedges trimmed, driveway shoveled and salted, etc.)
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