Local Christmas Gift Ideas

Dec 14,2016 | Guelph Living

With Christmas only 11 days away, the time for decorating, planning get-togethers and shopping is slowly starting to creep up on all of us. Some of us really enjoy the bustle and excitement of decorating and organizing family time. However, unless you’re one of the lucky ones that get your shopping done throughout the year, that last minute gift shopping can cause even the most sane person to become a little crazy. What to do you get your Mom? Brother? Or your crazy Uncle John?? Buying for people who seem to give no hints on what their heart desires can be tough, so I’ve come up with a list of ideas that are sure to please all or some of the people on your list. The best thing? They’re all companies local to Guelph! Take a look…

Aqua Salon: I’m sure everyone knows someone who is always running around looking after everybody else. What better gift to give than a day of pampering from a locally run salon here in Guelph. With 2 locations to choose from, you can pick from hair, make-up and spa packages for both men and women. Nothing says “you’re appreciated” like allowing someone who is usually busy running off their feet, some time to stop and think about themselves.
DS Woodworks: A great part about the holidays is being able to transform your home into a cozy getaway from the blistering cold outdoors. Nothing says warmth to me like a nice piece of wood furniture to bring that natural, cottage-like feel into your home. DS Woodworks specializes in handmade solid-wood furniture and has a range of ideas to choose from or can discuss a custom order for whatever you’re looking for.
The Albion Hotel: This restaurant and bar needs no introduction to Guelph locals. As one of our oldest buildings in Guelph, it is a wonderful place to get out onto the town to share a lovely meal or night of dancing with a loved one, family and/or friends. Sometimes the best gifts aren’t things, but experiences, and the Albion never disappoints for a great experience downtown.
Ignite Health and Fitness: Health and fitness training and classes have been all the rage this year. This new gym in the heart of Guelph specializes in training classes and bootcamps for those who find the average gym daunting on their own or wish to train in a more social atmosphere. With a very in-depth website and scheduling system, this gym makes it very easy to schedule in workouts that fit your busy life. If you have someone in your life who is excited to try the gym or is scared to make the commitment themselves, then a gifted membership, or even a promise to partner in the offered free trial, could go a long way to being a gift that keeps on giving!

Taste deTours: I’ve already had the pleasure of taking part in the awesome “To the Core” tour (you can find my blog post here) so I can speak from experience that this is a great gift idea. If you have family or friends coming in from out of town and want to show them around some of Guelph’s greatest spots and learn some of our great history than this is a fantastic way to do it. Or, if you just want to have a nice day out exploring some fantastic food and places you’ve never been in town, then one of the prepared tours or creating your own customs tour could be a great day to remember!
Kennedy Park: Kennedy Park is a clothing lover’s paradise settled in the heart of Downtown at the Quebec Street Mall. With local and international clothing lines galore, there is something for every style. Don’t have an eye for fashion? Let the team in the store help you pick something out or make it easy on yourself with a gift card so your loved one can explore the store themselves!
Candies of Merritt: Some of my clients may recognize the goods from this quaint chocolate and gift store as they have been behind some of our gift baskets this year. Specializing in hand made chocolates, this is a no brainer gift if you have a sweets lover in your life. They also have a selection of pre-made gift baskets and are happy to put together a custom order as well.
Susan Bentley RMT: We are all guilty of just dealing with those little aches and pains that pop up every now and again. Especially with the impending snowfall and ice, a little slip on the front step could cause a tweak or strain that most of us will just walk off. Susan is a registered massage therapist located in the west end of Guelph and offers a way for us to get some help with easing any tightness or ongoing problems. Offering a pre-paid massage therapy session could be the start to getting one of your loved ones to stop ignoring those pesky pains and take the time to look after themselves. Plus, who doesn’t love a massage?
Summerlee Photography: Christmas is a time for sharing with family and friends and nothing captures the Holiday memories quite like a good ol’ fashioned family photo. Summerlee Photography offers individual and family photo packages and is a great idea for anyone looking to get a photo for their yearly Christmas cards, or just as a memento for another great year gone by.
Thatcher Farms: One of my personal favourite parts of the Holidays are the dinners. Whether your family does the classic turkey or ham, nothing beats home raised, local meats from just around the corner. Thatcher Farms also offers custom orders if you have a special recipe in mind and offers a bakery section as well for the dessert lovers and the vegetarians as well!
Scratch and Sniff Canine Services: Everyone loves their canine companions, but sometimes the holidays can shake up your dog’s usual routine with all the new visitor’s and the extra time away from home. If you’re worried about how your dog is going to handle meeting others or being home alone while you’re out, Scratch and Sniff offers in home private sessions to help you with keeping your dog on track. Also, if a new family puppy is on your list of gifts this year, they also offer puppy socialization and training classes so you can give your new addition a great start to being a well rounded dog.
Wendy the Cleaner: Whether you’re having a group over for a big holiday feast or you are the one running around to join others’, everyone could use a little help keeping things clean and organized for the Holidays. Wendy offers, flexible and affordable cleaning services whether you need them for your own holiday party, or if you would like to offer a clean house as a gift to someone who could use a break. Give her a call for more information: (519) 994-2286

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