Q&A with Nick: Life in the General Hospital Area

Jan 30,2017 | Guelph Living

Nick is in the process of finishing the renovations on his 107 year old home near the downtown core. We decided to get some details on his home and what he loves about the area he is in.

What made you choose the area you live in?
When we were looking for a home we knew we wanted to be walking distance to downtown to enjoy the restaurants, shopping etc. We were looking in St. George’s Park, Old University, Exhibition Park and the Ward. When we found our home, just off Arthur St, we fell in love with the proximity to trails, downtown and the neighbourhood.
Were you looking for a “project home”?
Every home that we have lived in we have done minor renovations to, but knowing this time around we were looking for an older home, we knew there would be potentially more work to be done. When we found our home it was in the right location and had a lot of potential, so we then decided to take on the “project home.”
What are some of your favourite places to go downtown and why?
For restaurants, we love Buon Gusto- always great service and of course delicious food. For a casual drink and dinner, The Albion has always been a favourite of mine. On a Saturday or Sunday I enjoy hitting up Red Brick cafe and popping into the bookshelf. Finally, I have to mention Acqua salon- great service no matter what you are in for- and quality work!
What are some of your favourite changes to your home?
Hands down our kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of the home and is where we spend most of our time entertaining and cooking, of course. Making it open concept and less separated from the dining room made a huge difference in the layout of the home and allowed for more conversation and interaction in the kitchen. We added all new custom cabinets, backslash, appliances etc. It really gave a modern feel to the 1910 home.
If you could change anything about your home or neighbourhood what would it be?
The one thing we miss that we had at our last home was a garage. It is difficult to find a home downtown with a full garage let alone a driveway! We are lucky enough to have parking for three but I miss my “man cave.”
What made you decide on adding chickens to your family?
A few of our neighbours have backyard chickens. One weekend we looked after our neighbour’s chickens and we realized how fun it was and how great it was having fresh eggs everyday! So my wife and I built a small coop in the backyard and we couldn’t be happier!

Is your neighbourhood “dog friendly”?
Extremely! We are huge dog lovers and we’re so excited to have neighbours that are as well. All the dogs on the street play together and run around, which is so nice for them to socialize. We are also walking distance to multiple parks and the river, which is great in the summer. The parks nearby are Joseph Wolfond Park, Goldie Mill, and walking trails all the way to Riverside Park.
How has your neighbourhood changed since you have moved in?
We have noticed most of our neighbours have been in the area a long time and are now building out or up rather than moving on. People love the area, as do we, so we are seeing more and more people making additions to have their houses fit growing families.

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