Stay Organized & Clutter Free

Sep 18,2018 | Homeowners

Having a hard time keeping your home organized and clutter free? You aren’t the only one, I have struggled with this for years. I have finally found a routine that works for me.
Here are the helpful tricks that I follow to ensure my home is organized at all times:

Do a clutter check
Set a side an hour each week to go through your home to organize anything that is out of place. If you’re having a super busy week, or always seem to be busy, take 10-15 minutes every evening and give your home a quick once over to ensure everything is in place and organized.
Give everything a home
Designating a place for everything, including papers/ mail, T.V remotes, keys, wallets & chargers. Purchasing bins or decorative dishes to keep this items contained to one designated space.
Create space
Areas in the home such as the kitchen, living room and play rooms tend to be places where items from all over the home are left behind. Creating space or a drop area for these items such as a “drop” bin/container will help keep these areas organized. At the end of each day or week go through these drop bins from each room and put everything back in their place.
Every few months re-organize
Taking a couple hours every few months to sort through items in our bedrooms and living areas will help ensure these spaces stay organized and tidy. This is especially important if you have kids. Children tend to grow out of their clothing, toys and other items quickly. Removing these items from your home will help to keep it feeling more organized. I typically like to donate these unused items to friend and family who will love them the way we once did.

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