New home builders in Guelph are commonplace for most of its residents, but many are starting to notice an abundance of low and mid-rise condos popping up in the bustling south end of our city. The south end is an obvious choice for commuters because of its proximity to the 401. This means that both residential and retail builders are cashing in on the high population of people who do, and would love to, call the south end home.
For investors, the south end has been a popular choice because of the high appreciation rates over the past few years and the quicker turnaround when it comes time to sell. Finding an opportunity to invest has been challenging for some as the competition for a limited number of available units has been tough.
Recently, a south end building that was originally geared toward rental suites changed direction and opened its building up to sell to private owners instead. The changes were quick, and it offered a new opportunity for Guelph investors to purchase new build units without waiting in lines or camping out. This situation doesn’t come along often so working with a realtor even when looking for new build opportunities can be the edge that you need in today’s competitive market.

Some units are still available in the Vantage building. You can download the floor plans
Some other new moves in the south end can be seen in the proposed changes for adding more height to the future condos in Guelph. Tricar, a builder that has already built an 18 storey building downtown, is looking to add the same higher density living to the south end of Guelph. You can read more about the proposed changes HERE.

Whether you are a fan of the growing Guelph Metropolis or not, the city seems to be changing at a fast pace to accommodate its expanding commuter appeal. The large addition of South end condos to Guelph will hopefully offer new opportunities for its current residents to enter into the housing market either as home buyers or new investors. It will also allow for a steady growth of new residents who wish to call our great city home.
What do you think of all the new additions to the south end of Guelph? Tell us some of your thoughts in the comments below!