Why Real Estate? Some Q&A with Nick.

May 18,2016 | Guelph Living

Why did you choose a career in real estate?
I chose a career in real estate because of my love for my community. I have always taken great pride in the City of Guelph and the people who live in it. Being involved in the community from when I was a child up until I graduated, I knew I would always call Guelph my home. I always want to help people, and it was when I was completing my undergraduate degree that I realized the potential in the real estate market. I knew that the university was growing, and there was a large need for quality student rentals. After pursuing a career in professional football with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the CFL, I knew I wanted to start my career in real estate in my home town. I immediate got in contact with Jeff (my broker of records), to talk about student rental properties and selling real estate in Guelph. Once I got licensed, I started buying and selling investment properties as well as using my network to promote my owner occupied business as well. I have been working in real estate now for 4 years and it is truly the best decision I have ever made. It is an industry in a city that I love.
What was your work experience before this career?
My work experience prior to becoming a realtor consisted of a being a professional football player and an agricultural sales rep. My career in football has been a huge feature in my real estate career based on the support that I received during my years playing for the University of Guelph, and furthermore, the community’s continued support as I went to Winnipeg to play professional. It has been a great asset for allowing me to connect with people and help build my professional and personal network. I have continued this momentum by supporting the Guelph minor football community as well as the Guelph high school football teams and staying connected to the city through that avenue. This support has been recognized and I have been honoured to have the Nick FitzGibbon award named after me for the Top High School football player in the city every year. Along with my football career, I sold agricultural minerals to dairy farms while I was finishing my real estate licence. This was great sales experience because it put me out of my comfort zone. I found it hard to walk into a barn and sell something I wasn’t passionate it about. My training for selling feed made selling real estate so much easier as I am passionate about what I sell and who I sell it to. Both of these jobs have helped my real estate career immensely and helped make me the realtor I am today.

Nick representing Team Canada in 2011